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Double Trouble

Two British Beasts

The media team at Syndicateuk recently had the opportunity to document two truly remarkable pieces of British engineering. Greg & Matt, owners of the stunning Aston Martins, kindly drove out to meet the Syndicateuk team and create some stunning media on a sunny afternoon. These two Aston Martins, each with their own distinct personality and allure, stood side by side, commanding attention and admiration with their iconic design and undeniable presence. As the engines purred to life, the anticipation built, promising a journey that would be nothing short of exhilarating.

A V8 With Elegance

Greg's V8 Vantage truly represents a fusion of power, style and elegance, with the Vantage's sleek, shark like design and monstrous V8 engine, some could say the Vantage is Britain's answer to the muscle car..Under the hood lies a heart of pure adrenaline – a potent 4.0 V8 engine that roars to life with a symphony of power, which has been further enhanced by a one off titanium rear silencer and primary race pipes, giving Greg's Vantage a deep, aggressive exhaust note which is truly one to behold, as well as allowing this beast to boast an impressive 600 horsepower under the bonnet. Finished in Arden Green, Greg's Aston perfectly balances pure British elegance with raw, exhilarating power and thrills.

Last Of The Titans

Matt's DBS Superleggera truly is a last of its kind, being powered by a beastly twin turbocharged 5.2 V12 creating an insane 715 horsepower, in the era of electric motors & emissions clamp downs, the DBS is a true warrior of its time. Capable of reaching an unbelievable 211mph, the DBS is not for the faint hearted. Although Matt's DBS is stock, having only picked it up a few days before we met him, the glorious V12 is undeniably one of the greatest sounds in existence, screaming as it climbs though the rev range, in beautiful mechanical symphony. Finished in Aston Martin Magnetic Silver, the aggressive styling and widemouth gloss black grill give the DBS a menacing stance on the road.

The Perfect Duo

Once we hit the road, it instantly became clear to us what makes these cars so special. Aston Martins are more than just cars; they are a symbol of timeless elegance, unparalleled craftsmanship, and relentless pursuit of performance perfection. Each engine, whether it's a V8 or a V12, delivers an exhilarating

driving experience, combining raw power with refined sophistication. To have both of these engineering marvels side by side, V8 and V12 alike, was truly a sight to behold. The team at Syndicateuk are extremely grateful to Greg & Matt for time out of their busy schedules to allow us to capture their beautiful cars for our platform.

You can watch the full video feature on YouTube below.


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